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Hor Mok Thai Crumpet - Love Norwich Food X Crumpetorium

Hor Mok Thai curry with Ginger crumpets
Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)

The second recipe from our day of gourmet crumpet cooking with Zena from Love Norwich Food, was a variation on Hor Mok, using our Ginger Crumpets as the base. In South-East Asian cuisine, 'hor mok' refers to the process of steam cooking a curry in banana leaves, but if you don't have the leaves you can still create a wonderful steamed dish by using cling film instead.

These Thai steamed Salmon pots were a delicious taste of Thailand and coupled beautifully with our Ginger crumpets; the flavours work really well together, and the steamed technique used makes the crumpets go wonderfully moist and pudding like. Absolutely scrumptious!

Crab Tian Crumpet tower - gourmet crumpet recipes
Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)


(serves 2)

2 Ginger crumpets

for the sauce

1 tablespoon Red curry paste

300g Coconut milk

200g Salmon – finely diced

1 tablespoon sugar

1 large egg

2 tablespoons fish sauce

for the garnish – (optional)

8 – 12 Thai basil leaves or coriander

2 – 3 Kaffir lime leaves – fine strips

1/6 Red pepper – very finely stripped


1. Preheat the oven to 100 degrees (or set it to 'steam' if you have that setting).

2. In a large bowl add the red curry paste, coconut milk and the diced salmon – mash and beat the ingredients together with a whisk, (a whisk will break up the fish a little while mixing the paste well in to the coconut milk – The Thai street vendors do this process for several minutes.)

3. Then whisk in the sugar and egg followed by the fish sauce.

4. Place the crumpets in separate oven proof dishes and spoon the sauce evenly on top. Make sure the dishes are small enough for a personal portion, and with sides to keep the sauce contained.

5. Lay shredded kaffir lime leaves and the red pepper on top of each crumpet pot.

6. Cover with cling film – to stop the steam getting out.

7. Steam in the oven for 20 minutes until just firm.

crumpetorium's ginger crumpets in thai hor mok recipe

8. Remove from oven, take off the cling film/ unwrap the leaves, add any garnishes, and serve.

love Norwich food ginger crumpet  thai hor mok recipe

love Norwich food ginger crumpet  thai hor mok recipe
Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)
love Norwich food ginger crumpet  thai hor mok recipe

Check out our Instagram feed for a few extra videos of the process

With special thanks to Zena from Love Norwich Food ( Check out her Instagram, @love_norwich_food for all the latest on food and drink in Norfolk.

And to Adam Withey for his brilliant food photography skills.

Pick up some of our Ginger Crumpets and create your own Thai curry showstopper!

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