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Frequently asked questions...

How long is the shelf life? Can They be frozen?

From the time you receive your crumpets, they are best to be eaten fresh within 2 days. They can also be frozen for 2 months or more as well, which is the best way to preserve them and maintain their great quality. Simply defrost them thoroughly before toasting as normal (toasting straight from frozen tends to leave a slightly frozen centre).

Do you do gluten free crumpets?

Currently all of our crumpets do contain gluten, however we will soon be working on some gluten free versions as this gets requested a lot. Once we have perfected them, we will make an announcement via our mailing list and Instagram page (@crumpetorium), so make sure to follow one of those for updates.

Can you ship abroad?


Unfortunately not at this stage. Due to the short shelf life of the crumpets, we are currently unable to offer shipping other than to Mainland UK as they won't arrive in time. It is something we would love to be able to do - to spread the crumpet joy as far and wide as possible - and we will look at how this may be possible as our operation hopefully continues to grow. 

Are there any allergens I should be aware of?

You should find allergy information in each product description, and please make sure to read this carefully if you do suffer from food allergies. All our crumpets are made in our home kitchen so whilst we do try to stop any cross contamination, there could be traces of things like nuts, dairy, mustard etc. If you have severe allergies we would suggest seeking a more specialised company.

Will you make other flavours?

We love receiving flavour suggestions from our customers, and we note them down for future experimental days. We certainly plan to offer some seasonal limited edition flavours from time to time too. With our current man power however, we have to keep the menu fairly tight as there just aren't enough hours in the day to make them all.

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