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We are experimental Crumpetiers based in beautiful Norfolk, making delicious handmade, small batch, artisan crumpets in fabulous flavours with no added preservatives.


Our story began on a worldwide 

adventure where we met many amazing people, and during long hikes around Perú, conversations eventually turned to what foods everyone missed from home. Of course a firm favourite with the British was "Crumpets dripping with butter!" 


So when we arrived back to the UK, we decided to come up with our own range of original handmade crumpets, and experimented with lots of wonderfully different flavours. The results are fairly fabulous if we do say so ourselves!

No Added Preservatives...

Crumpets can be fiddly to make, and a good deal of time and care goes into getting them right. But the end result is definitely worth it, and the taste is so much better than those you find in supermarkets, which are pumped full of artificial preservatives. So even though our crumpets may have a short shelf life, we think this is a small price to pay for a much tastier product without any preservatives added by us.


You may see our crumpets frozen in some of our stockists, and this is the best way we’d recommend to keep them for longer. Freezing is the most natural way to preserve food, and it won’t mess with the delicious flavours and textures of the crumpets. 

delicious handmade crumpet topping ideas
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