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Easy Crumpet & Smoked Cod Rarebit - Love Norwich Food X Crumpetorium

Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)

This. Was. Insane. Honestly one of the tastiest dishes I've ever eaten! And so easy to make! Another dinner party winner for sure from our day of gourmet crumpet recipes with Zena from Love Norwich Food / Lodge Farm Kitchen cookery school. A creamy, cheesy fish dish, and the crumpet ends up poached in the sauce to give it a gorgeous puddingy texture. If you don't have crème fraiche, you can always substitute it for double cream instead.

Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)


(serves 1)

1 fillet smoked cod or haddock approx. 100 g (skin on or off)

1 cheese crumpet

For the sauce

1 heaped tablespoon crème fraiche

1/3-teaspoon (tip) Coleman’s English mustard

20g grated cheese (small handful cheddar or parmasan)

1 teaspoon Worcester sauce

Few twists black pepper

(We also added an optional slab of mozzarella on ours too)


1. Pre-heat an oven gas 7 / 220c

2. Place the crumpet in a one-portioned ovenproof dish/ ramekin/ bowl and place the fish skin side down on top of the crumpet (Warning - the sauce will run when heated so make sure the dish has sides to keep it in).

3. For the sauce simply mix all the ingredients together and spoon over the fish. Sprinkle any extra cheese on top, (this is where we added our slab of mozzarella too).

4. Bake for 10 - 12 minutes. The tail end of fish will cook in only 8 - 10 minutes while a thicker piece will take a little longer.

5. It’s ready to eat but if you want it golden brown and bubbling finish of under a pre-heated grill.

Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)
Photography by Adam Withey (@adamwithey on Instagram)

Check out our Instagram feed for a few extra videos of the process

With special thanks to Zena from Love Norwich Food ( Check out her Instagram, @love_norwich_food for all the latest on food and drink in Norfolk.

And to Adam Withey for his brilliant food photography skills.

Pick up some of our Cheese crumpets and create your own delicious dish!

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