Surprise Selection Box

Surprise Selection Box


Want to try some of the different flavours of crumpet in smaller batches? Often our batches of crumpet making will leave us with some left overs, so to reduce waste, we are now offering you the chance to get your hands on these mixed flavour selection boxes around the UK.


These boxes are limited in quantity each week and we won't know the exact flavours that will be included in your box until we send it out - SURPRISE! (it depends how the batters are feeling that day and what they produce, ha!) but we will always try to give you as wide a variety of flavours as possible for you to try. There will be 9 individual crumpets per box.


Crumpets will arrive loose in a vegware food box, not in our usual packaging, so please be aware that the usual ingredients/ logo stickers won't be included and all flavours will be mixed together. We will let you know what flavours are in your box though and this can be used to double check the website for extra information.

*No requirement for a second item for nationwide shipping when buying this product*