Luxury Christmas Breakfast Hamper


Wake up on Christmas morning, and after finding out what goodies Santa has brought you, it's time for breakfast! Pop some fresh flavoured crumpets into the toaster, slather with delicious Bungay Butter and top with a scrummy Scarlett & Mustard condiment. Now pour those bubbles! Add a dash of Walnut Tree Sloe Gin or Orange Juice to the bottom of the glass and top with tasty Prosecco for a delicious 'Sloe Gin Fizz' / 'Mimosa' cocktail. Now it's Christmas!!!


Each hamper contains:

  • Crumpetorium Crumpets
  • Scarlett & Mustard condiment jar
  • Bungay Butter from Fen Farm Dairy
  • Prosecco
  • Sloe Gin from Walnut Tree Distillery
  • Britvic Orange Juice 
  • Presented in a wicker hamper with celophane and ribbon


Quantities are increased depending on number of people it will be serving - (select numbers along with flavours below):

  • 2-3 people: 1 pack of crumpets, 90g butter, 1 condiment jar, 5cl sloe gin, 200ml orange juice, 75cl Prosecco
  • 4-6 people: 2 packs of crumpets, 90g butter, 1 condiment jar, 10cl sloe gin, 400ml orange juice, 75cl Prosecco
  • 7-9 people: 3 packs of crumpets, 180g butter, 1 condiment jar, 15cl sloe gin, 600ml orange juice, 2 x 75cl Prosecco


These luxury Christmas Breakfast hampers are available only for local deliveries / collections as unfortunately we can't send some of the contents in the post. 


As these hampers will be limited in number, we recommend pre-ordering yours as soon as possible, and they will be delivered between 22-23rd December, all ready for breakfast on Christmas Day. (If you plan to save your hamper for a later date, just remember to pop the crumpets in the freezer and butter in the fridge until you're ready to eat them).