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New Flavour - Chocolate Orange Crumpet!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

After 5 months crumpeting, our experimental side was itching to mix things up, so we decided to retire the Nutella flavour (which to be fair was causing a few 'nut' related anxieties), and replace it with a new chocolate crumpet recipe.

Loads of you gave us wonderful suggestions on what to do and what flavours you wanted to see, (some much trickier than others!) After a day in the kitchen trying out different crumpet recipes, and putting our keen taster monkeys to work, the unanimous decision was that our new CHOCOLATE ORANGE crumpet was the hands down winner! If you like Terry's Chocolate Orange or Jaffa cakes, this is the crumpet for you. 

We are so pleased with how this recipe turned out! With real milk chocolate and cocoa inside every crumpet, these bad boys are super chocolatey, sweet and the burst of orange flavour hits your nose even before it's hit your tongue.

Just a bit of salted butter is all you need to get the most out of these flavours, but we've also had delicious desserts using these as the base and piling high with things like stewed fruit, cream, chocolate spread and ice cream. A marmalade or orange curd would also be a wonderful way to enhance the flavours even more!

Let us know if you come up with an amazing crumpet creation of your own.

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